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Rankings site that lists top ESL Job Resources. Basically, allows you to see who's hot and who's not! A reliable ranking system based on hits and traffic.


Japan Tourism Guide

Much like the Korean tourism web site, this nice little gem has everything you need to know about Japan. It's great for the teacher who just arrives and knows nothing about taking buses, cultural etiquette, places to see and things to do. It has a sightseeing guide for all areas of Japan. It also has a hotel search. Essential for any traveller or new teacher to adapt to the Japanese lifestyle.


Korea Tourism

Korean national tourism organization has a great web site here that allows you to find out more about the country you want to teach in. Korea is a very popular place and teachers are in high demand there for all ages. Learning English for Koreans now was like the boom in the 1980's in Japan. This site has info on travel, cultural events, food, sightseeing, etc. A great starting point for those parents of teachers who want to visit.

Great compilation site for ESL teachers looking to go overseas. Has a Job Board, Resume Posting and a Links page with other useful resources. Also a good place for Recruiters and School Employers to frequent.



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